4/30/12 Today’s Advice to My Beautiful Daughters – Say no to the status quo.

(Inspired by Steve North of Lifeline Ministries)

The status quo is a bully.  Say no to bullies.

I’ve really had to sit with this one for a while.  How can an intangible thing like the status quo be a bully?  Then I started to substitute words and it became a little bit clearer to me.  Conformity is a bully.  Mediocrity is a bully.  “Good enough” is a bully.  Average is a bully.

All of these things tend to convince us that we don’t need to aspire to any more.  We don’t need to stand out.  We need to fit in, blend in, and look, behave and think like everyone else.  The status quo stifles our greatness.  It dampens our spirit for adventure.  It makes us think, “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t, instead “I can” or “I will”.

So my beautiful beautiful girls.  Please know that there is greatness inside you.  There are talents and a spirit that will make you shine.  You are light and salt and the status quo will be there all your life trying to convince you that you aren’t.  It will bully you into submission if you let it.  It will bully others into submission.  Stand up to bullies.  Be more than the status quo.

For more information about the great work of Lifeline Ministries, go to: http://www.lifelinetoledo.com

2 thoughts on “4/30/12 Today’s Advice to My Beautiful Daughters – Say no to the status quo.

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