04/09/13 Today’s Advice to My Beautiful Daughters: Live Another Day

Today’s advice is a re-blog from Ellie in Ireland.  She shared the story of a young man of 16 who is in his last months of life.  He is spending some of that time with an important message about the gift of life, specifically to those who give in to despair and take their own life.

Live another day.  What a great message.  Thanks Ellie!

But if you were 16 years old and knew you only had months to live, what would you do with your time?  Would you rush out and live it up as much as possible? Would you travel, go bungee jumping, go to concerts, parties and gigs with your friends?  What would you do? (click the link to read more and to see this young man’s interview)

Live Another Day.

5/9/12: Today’s Advice to My Beautiful Daughters – Use Time Wisely

First, there is the obvious.  Wasted time is just, well…a waste.  We all do it, we all wish we didn’t.  It causes missed deadlines, missed opportunities and missed lessons. 

But more than that, time is a gift.  None of us know how much we have.  Each second is a gift from God and every second that we squander is a rejection of that gift. 

I’d go on, but this guy says it better: