I am a mom of two beautiful teenagers and wife to an amazing man.  In this blog, I share the reflections that stir in my heart, but usually don’t get spoken.  The written word has always been a more comfortable way for me to process and express my heart than saying things out loud.  From the time I was a teenager myself, I have written notes to get my point across.  As I enter a period of change in my parenting life, I once again am seeking new freedom for the words and fears that have been locked up inside.  By sharing them with you, I seek your solace, your feedback and the encouragement that comes from sharing.  I invite you to share your experiences with me and to let me know how these reflections resonate in YOUR heart.

I don’t have a lot of good answers but I do have the ability to look in the mirror and see the questions that are important.  Perhaps in bringing the questions to light, our shared experience will provide some answers to the challenges of Christian parenting, releasing control and not losing ourselves in the struggle.


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    • Thank you Ellen. I feel the same way. I guess sometimes the angry reactions of others have a plus side…if people hadn’t reacted so negatively to your post, I never would have taken the time to comment.

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